Examples of profiles made by our customers on our profiling lines

Products made by cold profiling for buiding industry

Rail and stud for gipps plate, metallic doorframe, roof and walls, beam Z, C,  L, parking door, cable trays, roller blinds...

Our forces

Buildings products


  • Line speed up to 150m/min in continuous mode for high volumes production
  • Automated packing paletizer
  • Optimized line in START & STOP mode for lower volumes
  • Flexible works orders by CNC
  • Cosmetic products without scratche with prepainted strip
  • Long life equipment and easy setting
  • Universal and adaptive machines for various parts

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We design custom profiling lines to meet the specific needs of our customers. We manufacture the profiling line adapted to the production of your profiles according to the materials, the thicknesses, the forms and the machining to realize.