Find all the machines that will design the custom production line that will meet your needs. We take care of all the steps, from the design to the start-up of your profiling line.

Custom roll former manufacturer


Depending on the profile to be produced, 6 sizes of standard profiling heads are available. The robustness and precision of these cages are no longer to be demonstrated, for piece by piece mode or continuous profiling


Our punching systems are specially designed and integrated in the sheet metal forming lines, adapted to the budget amount and the speed required. Mechanical punching presses, hydraulic or electric punching units, rotative punching modules can be employed..


The cut-off can be static in Start & Stop mode or in continuous mode at high speed with flying cut-off.

Poste de raboutage


A coil end joiner is used to weld the end of the current coil with the beginning of the new coil, This butt-welding coil joiner machine permits to remove all engagement operations in the rest of the line.


Decoilers single or double, motorized or braked with braking force regulation according to the diameter of the coil. The uncoilers could be equipped with a loading V-trolley or an optional pressure arm.

Production packaging lines in the sheet metal sector


Following your productions conditions, we design basic and manual run-out tables or complete packing system untill the final packaging of your products by special machines or standard 6 axis-robots.

From the definition of your product to the commissioning of the toolings and the training of your operators, we support you throughout the project to meet your needs in compliance with industrial specifications


Our specialty is the design, production and development of highly durable treated steel rollers set. All rollforming rolls are tested in our workshops on trial roll forming machine.

Outil de coupe pour tôlerie


Cutting tool with or without drop, straight or bent cut, optimization of the necessary power, removal of burrs.

Tools with or without chip, shears, circular saw, blades and dies treated steel according to the shape of your profile, tightening jaws, notching and punching integrated, detection of pre-cutting, mechanical or electronic indexing in the pre-cut.


Designed by our services or our partners, we propose punching tools that can integrate marking, stamping.

The selectors above the punching units tools associated with a multi-pitch feeder allows all configurations of your products for large flexibility.

Depending on your industrial project, we define together the different machines and tools that will compose your customized profiling line.