Tube mills for welded tubes by TIG, ERW or LASER.
The dimensions of the tubes can range from ø2.8×0.1 to ø100×3.0 mm.

Profileuse pour tube automobile
Custom profiling specialist
Système de poinçonnage flexible

Line for automotive EGR flat tubes in stainless steel with 2-cathodes TIG welding, combination rollforming tooling, seam welded control by eddy current, dimensional control by on line profilometer.

Line for hydraulic tubes with LASER welding, straightening, bright annealing in-line and flying cut-off with dual blade tool.

Société de profilage sur mesure

Line for safety automobile beam with coil-joiner, flat punching, High Frequency Induction Welding, external seam scarfing, cooling and sizing.

Fabricant ligne de profilage sur mesure
Ligne de tôlerie automatique
Système de profilage sur mesure
Machine soudure Haute Fréquence

Line for aeronautic tubes with 3-cathodes TIG welding, accurate tube sizing, flying cut-off with dual blade tool.

Line for indoor store axis with pre-punching, FIBER LASER welding with seam tracking up to 40 m/min, adhesive tape deposit and flying shear.

Line for welded fence posts with coil-joiner, flat punching and embossing, rollforming with cassettes, High Frequency Induction Welding, cooling, sizing and flying cut-off.