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Jidet on Metal-Interface.com

Find the presentation of our compact high-performance machine on the site metal-interface.com.

Jidet on metal-Interface.com

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Second-hand Machines

Materials currently available

Below is a list of our Second-hand machines available for sale. Contact us for any further information.


Flexipress 32T

Flexipress 32T 32C10

Press 25T PERLA

Punching Systems JIDET

Profiling Machine JIDET U12

We design and manufacture custom rollforming production lines adapted to product specifications (shape, thickness, material…) and also the way to work of our customers. (quantities, production environment…).

Rollforming production lines

Your custom roll forming line

JIDET designs and manufactures personalized rollforming lines to transform sheet metal coils into your final product.

View our production lines

A turnkey solution

Profiles products of our customers

Automotive, building, equipment, whatever your activity sector, we have an adapted solution.

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Design, manufacturing and assembly 100% integrated

Custom Rollformer and toolings

We design and build your production line based on standard machines or by developing special machines and specific tooling.

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From the type of parts to be manufactured and the quantities expected, we define together the different components of the profiling line that meet your needs.