Flexible manufacturing systems for light or heavy profiles incorporating the usual functions of unwinding, punching, profiling, cutting and packaging.
Lines adapted for medium or high production volumes, speed of 10 to 150 m/min.

Profiling machine for storage rack uprights
Storage rack upright production line

Line for racking uprights with 200T punching press, variable width rollformer by CNC to produce 15 different sizes, 2 packing 6 axis-robots.

Cable tray console line

Line for cable trays brackets with tolls quick change to produce more than 100 different references, automatic transfer through 2 presses to finish the forming.

Customised production line manufacturer

Line for metal building frame,flexible punching, variable width rollformer DUPLEX, 6-axis packing robots for multi-sizes unitary parts, production order sent from the frame CAD software.

Ligne fabrication pour baguette automobile

Line for automotive trims in shiny stainless steel, scratches detection by vision, flying cut-off and smooth run-out table step by step.

Ligne production fabrication gondole

Line for shelving uprights thickness 2.5mm, 250T punching press, combination rollforming tooling, LASER welding 8kW with seam tracking, special cartesian palletizer.

Fabricant de profileuse sur mesure
Ligne de profilage tablette stockage presse

Line for storage shelves, flexible punching press, pulled ram without tool change, piece to piece mode, transfer towards 2 automatic extremities bending presses.

Machine profileuse ossature plaque

Line gypsum plasterboard studs with flying cut-off up to 150m/min.

Ligne de fabrication structure pour panneau solaire

Line for solar panel frame with flexible punching with selectors, product quick-change by rafts and autonomous stacker.