Examples of profiles made by our customers on our profiling lines

Products made by cold profiling for the automotive industry

Thermical exchangers, car doors joints , rails of window, rail of sliding car doors, chrome strip, reinforcement side bar, bumpers, central girders and crossbars of frame...

Our forces

Automotive profiles


  • Good knowledge in High Strength Steel (HSS) up to 1500 Mpa
  • Good knowledge in vertical/horizontal curve bending
  • Pre-production in our plant on our trial machines
  • Quick change rollforming rafts
  • Integration of different welding type : HF, TIG or LASER
  • Universal and adaptive machines for various parts
  • Long life equipment and easy setting
  • 3D control report for validation

Download datasheet automotive.

We design custom profiling lines to meet the specific needs of our customers. We manufacture the profiling line adapted to the production of your profiles according to the materials, the thicknesses, the forms and the machining to realize.