Since 1956 ...

Jidet pioneer of cold rollforming

Jacques Despland
Founder of Jidet


The activity of the Jidet company, created in 1956 by Mr. Jacques Despland has always been centered on the cold profiling systems.

One of the pioneers in the sector of profiling and tooling, Jidet has been able to evolve its technology over the time and now offers turnkey lines of metal to coil processing.

... Until today


The profiling machines made by the company Jidet are installed worldwide, in small company as in large international groups. Our rolls forming machine provide industrial intensive production of our customers' profiles in a wide range of industries.

100% of the design and manufacturing is integrated at Jidet

Our solutions for customized profiling lines delivered turnkey

Jidet integrates the know-how and skills needed to build your cold profiling line. From tooling design to commissioning, we control all the steps leading to the production of your profiling line.


From your specifications: the profile you want to obtain, your conditions and production conditions, we ensure the complete definition of the profiling line that meets your needs.


In order to control quality and meet our deadlines, we control all the manufacturing operations of our machines and tools.

Mounting & setting

10 trial rollformers of different sizes are available to our technicians team to set up and validate the tooling being validated before final installation at the customer’s plant.


We ensure the delivery, installation and start-up of your profiling line within your production plant.

We ensure the training of your operators.

After sales service

We provide assistance and maintenance operations on profiling lines, machines and tools. We supply the wear parts and we ensure the production of new tools necessary to the evolution of your production and your products.

Depending on your industrial project, we define together the different machines and tools that will compose your customized profiling line.

Throughout the projects, the advice, the assistance and the close collaboration with our customers, lead to real technologic and industrial progressions.