Pionner of cold roll forming system

The activity of the company Jidet, created in 1956 by Mr. Jacques Despland, has always been centered on the roll forming work.

Considered among the pioneers in the field of roll forming
equipments, Jidet knows how to develop its
technology and could propose you
"turnkey" production lines, Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS).

Pioneer of roll forming
Jacques Despland | Founder of Jidet | 1922-2010
Jacques Despland | Founder of Jidet | 1922-2010

The machines manufactured by JIDET company are installed all over the world, in small as in big international comapnies, and assure the industrial production of profiles in several business sectors.

The advice, the assistance and the narrow  collaboration
with our customers throughout the projects allow
to reach the industrial improvment.

JIDET’s plants in Amilly - France

JIDET’s plants in Amilly - France.


The JIDET company integrates all the jobs and skills necessary to supply you an adapted and high performances production line.

From the conception of the machine and equipments to the in start-up in your plant, we assure all the stages leading to your final product.

Pioneer of roll forming
Pioneer of roll forming.