Examples of welded tubes made by our customers on our profiling lines

Welded tubes made by cold profiling

Round, rectangular or triangular clipped or welded tubes HF, TIG, LASER...

Our forces


Laser welding

CO2 or fiber. High welding quality, very demanding on edges quality and contact. Seam tracker by camera, LASER spot around Ø 0.2 mm.

  • Thermally affected Zone : very narrow
  • Thickness : 0.1 à 3.0 mm
  • Speed : up to 40 m/min

TIG welding

Good welding quality. Possibility to increase quality or speed by dispatching welding power on 2 or 3 electrodes.

  • Thermally affected Zone : narrow
  • Thickness : 0.2 à 2.5 mm
  • Speed : up to15 m/min


Electric resistance welding

Strong welding bead by heating and forging with material extruded on ID and OD, possible to be scarfed. Cooling system needed on devices around the welding zone.

  • Thermally affected Zone : large
  • Thickness : 0.5 à 5 mm
  • Speed : up to 100 m/min

Download datasheet welded tubes and Micro tube Mills.

We design custom profiling lines to meet the specific needs of our customers. We manufacture the profiling line adapted to the production of your profiles according to the materials, the thicknesses, the forms and the machining to realize.