Standard Roll former

Standard Roll former

Following the size of your profile, we choose the most adapted size of standard rollforming station.  

The reliability and the accurency of th JIDET roll forming heads is proven by 50 years!

Quick change cardans to reduce time changing of rafts

Roll forming in continuous mode or piece by piece

Speed can reach 200 m/min

Type U9

Thickness  max : 0,8 mm
Bandwidth max : 150 mm

Type U12

Thickness  max : 1,2 mm
Bandwidth max : 400 mm

Type U16

Thickness  max : 2,0 mm
Bandwidth max : 500 mm

Type U20

Thickness  max : 3,5 mm
Bandwidth max : 1300 mm

Type U32

Thickness  max : 5 mm
Bandwidth max : 1500 mm

Roll forming machine




Serial equipment :

  • Entry basket
  • Inlet table
  • Roll forming stations
  • Gearboxes and coupling
  • Quick change cardans
  • 3 axis outlet table
  • Opening fences
  • Quick change rafts
  • Manual JOG,
  • Electrical cabinet,
  • Emergency stop,
  • Adapted motorization
quick change raft

Changement de production rapide
par changement de cassettes.

Plateau Interchangeable

Quick change raft.