This coil-end-joiner allows to weld the end of the current coil
with the beginning of the new coil, and thus to avoid all
the operations of engagement in the rest of the line.


The simplicity to cut, to put in reference and
to flange of the bands, associated with the automatic
motion of the welding torch waranty a reliable
quality without over thickness.
Coil end-joiner

Tecnical characteristics

Maxi width of steel strip : 200 mm
Maxi thickness : 1,6 mm (Rm ≤ 500 Mpa)
Material : steel, stainless or aluminium
Dimension (lxdxh) : 600x600x1200 mm
Height welding : 920 mm
Weight : 300 Kg
Connection on the network : 400V – 50 Hz
Compressed air: 6 bars
Electric power of weld : 150 A